Leaders Partner was started in 2019 by Mr.Oakkharin Putongklome (อ.เอส อัครินทร์  ภูทองกลม) , Executive Coach who has studied and has experience in developing leadership potential. To drive business organization change in the Digital Transformation era Through a combination of the sciences and techniques of Gallup Global Strengths Coaching, Brain Base Coaching, Mindfulness Coaching & Life Coaching, Positive Psychology, Satir Transformational Systemic Psychology and Counseling. Therapy, Nonviolent Communication, and Conflict Transformation.

In addition, Mr.Oakkharin Putongklome through being an experienced executive in human resource development and organizations in leading national organizations and expertise in management to drive performance in the organization With Business Establishment Diagnostic Tool (SHINDAN), Strategic Organization Development & Business Model Canvas, Digital Transformation and Strategic Performance Management System.

Currently holding the position of Executive Director of The Infinite Leader Co., Ltd. or conducting business in the name of Leaders Partner, a consulting and leadership development institute.

You can get in touch with Mr.Oakkharin Putongklome at infinite@leaderspartner.net

Specialized Courses
   • Strategic Performance Coaching
   • Strengths Based Coaching
   • Strengths Based Leadership
   • Performance Communication
   • Transformational Leadership

One - on - One : Executive Coaching
   • Leadership Coaching
   • Performance Coaching

  Bachelor of International Business Management 
: University of the Thai Chamber of Commerce

Work Experience

  Managing Director
: The Infinite Leader Co.,Ltd.
  Training and Development Manager
: Central Hardline Group
  Training and Development Manager 
: Mega Home Center Co., Ltd.
  Training and Development Officer 
: Khon Kaen Sugar Industry PCL.

Specialized Training
Group of Leadership Development with Coaching Science
Certified – Strengths Coach  :  Gallup (Gallup Global Strengths Coach)
Certified – Master of Talent Coaching  :  Coaches  Association of Thailand
Certified – Mindfulness Coaching  :  Coaches  Association of Thailand
Certified – Practitioner of Life Coaching   :  Thailand Coaching  Academy
Certified – Brain Based Coaching   :  Coach Thai Institute
Certified – Professional Executive Coaching  :  Entraining Institute

Group of Transformational within and Psychotherapy
Certified – Satir in daily clinical practice Program : Treating psychological trauma
Certified – Satir in daily clinical practice Program : Treating psychological loss and grief
Certified – How to apply satir model in daily clinical practice Program 
:  Satir Association for Human development and Psychotherapy
Certified – Satir Transformational Systemic Therapy
:  Satir Institute Thailand & Faculty of psychology - Saint Louis College

Group of Management and Business Development
Certified – Entrepreneurs Creation Program : Department of Industrial Promotion
Certified – SHINDAN (Business Diagnosis) : Department of Industrial Promotion
Certified – Digital Transformation Expert Platform Program : The Association of Thai software Industry
Certified – Digital Transformation Executive Master Class : Digital Transformation Academy
Certified – Strategy & Corporate Development : Department of Industrials Promotion
Certified – Strategic Performance Management System Program : NS Value Institute

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